Ooh baby your wearin' me out...

2004-03-24 / 12:38 p.m.


What an interesting night last night. I was very popular seeing as how I got 3 phone calls all after 10pm which is highly unusual because generally people know that sleep has a very compelling pull on me after said time. Anyway Liz called and as usual hilarity ensued. we are nothing if not absoulutely freaking hilarious. We must share brain waves or something cause we are freakishly alike. The funniest thing was our making fun of Zipper the other day...he didn't find it very amusing though. I dont see why because we were just as mean if not meaner about ourselves.

Brian called but we didnt talk long. I really had every intention of going to sleep. I was in bed laying down...but then Daniel called. On another note though I had this horrible nightmare about Brian. Horrible. I never want to live on some military complex and have to get permission to leave...

So talking to Daniel was perfect as usual. Its freakish the way we still finish each others sentences. We talked about everything and at a speed of about 90 miles per hour. Politics, presidents, books, death and necro-bestiality. HAHA Then we got to talking about old times. Do you know that we used to do the nicest things for each other? He used to get me surprises all the time like my leather jacket and my easter basket. And I gave him his first birthday cake back when I hardly knew him. It was sad really. We have the best memories, we were constantly doing something, but it got kinda awkward at the end of our conversation. He was telling me about convincing Waldens to let me off early on Christmas Eve and Andrew said no till he saw the ring. I miss that. We lived together, worked next door to each other, even carpooled, and we never got tired of each other. Never. If I got off early I would just sit in Deck the Walls for hours keeping him company. Its funny how things work out sometimes. I always feel like all the little fun stuff I would like to do for Bri would just annoy him or he would think was stupid. I miss doing that stuff for someone. I am so very glad I'm talking to Daniel though. He is coming to see me in May. Its bound to be a blast. We can hit all the old antique stores and traders village and do all the fun stuff that we used to do. Maybe even the old glowing tomstone...we used to love driving out there and getting so scared. I need to talk to Brian so their visits aren't on the same weekend. Somehow I dont see that one working out. Mainly because I will want to spent time with both of them in very differnet ways...:) I hope that when Brian is heee I get to see him though. I hope he tells his parents so he can actually see me without having to plan around them. Because if he came down here and I didnt get to spend sometime with him, I would be very upset.

Seacrest Out!

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