Happy New Year

2005-01-03 / 12:22 a.m.


Well new years is over...it was fun and I have tons of resolutions to start working on. Dinner with brians parents wasnt so bad. His mom is nice. Its just funny seeing the completely different ways in which we were raised. I'm not saying either way is better, its just different. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen my dad have a drink. Thats including weddings and things like that. So seeing parents drink is always funny to me. I dont mean it like omg they are bad people its just so totally different from my parents.
But new years was fun. Bri ended up staying all weekend for which I was very happy. It seems so weird to think that in less than a week he wont be here. I will miss him so much. I am such a nerd..I even like having six hundred mountain dew cans sitting around to pick up cause its like hes here. Sad I know. We played tons and tons video games this weekend. Baldurs gate II was crushed and Champions of Norrath will be next. HAHAHHA!!! I think Liz is a little upset that he is here so much, but its not like I can go see him whenever I please. Tickets to Nebraska cost money and time off of work. Le sigh. I dont want to upset anyone but seeing Brian is really important to me right now. Futures are at stake here people.
Speaking of futures Jen and I went to talk to Margie and Jesse today about the wedding. I love Jen I really do but she doesnt think. Her booking the reception hall before she had a wedding place was not smart. Now we have a reception in Colleyville and a wedding in haltom city...no time to set up the reception and make it back to church and no money to get married anywere else except my church who isnt charging her. And my pastor is doing the ceromony. Jen has to go to Baptist church a little bit and get to know them, so I get to take her. Poor little catholic girl is in for a shock. Jesse is quite a bit different than a reserved priest. oh well, it should be interesting.
Its off to bed now since I have to be coherant at work since they gave me a raise!!! Thats right I gots a raise. Not a huge one...but still. And a very nice end of the year bonus. Now to dig my way out of credit card debt....

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