Le sigh.

2005-01-08 / 1:41 p.m.


le Sigh. Brian is gone. It actually seems a little unreal right now. Kinda like I should call him in a little bit and see what we are doing tonight. I got very used to having him around again in a very short period of time. I should be telling him to get ready for the party tonight at Ana G.'s not waiting to hear that he made it safely to St. Joes to spend the night. He was looking at apartments online and told me the sweetest thing. He was wanting to know if I liked any of them. Teehee. I really think things might work out I I just might be switching states.
I listened to Journey and cried all the way home last night. Plus I talked to my mother. Sometimes she can be the best mother. She told me I should be thankful he wasnt going to Iraq and that we had such a good time and that things are going so good. I know she is right I just miss him already. Which she informed me is normal and I would be weird if I didnt miss him and I could cry all I wanted. It made me laugh. Then Liz bought me ice cream (strawberry my favorite!) and milk to pour over it. Also she got me the best surprise of all...bombsticks. The ice cream treat from highschool that you cant buy in grocery stores and only the most out of the way gas stations. She found them at the Quicktrip. Unfortunately this means I will quickly weigh 600 pounds seeing as ice cream is my biggest weekness, and that wonderful combo of chocolate and banana ice cream that is a bombstick is my favorite thing that I havent found in years. Watch out Michelle I saved my stick. Its great for wacking....
Tonight is party night. Everyone is being so nice to me. Tim has already called to coordinate our efforts to attend. Apparently he is my back up DD if Danielle doesnt work out. Its pretty funny because in all honesty it will be his fiance not him...Tim cant say no to beer. I told him I had some Killians in the fridge which is his favorite and he of course begged me to bring them. I'm really not in the mood to party. I kinda want to stay home and play grand theft auto, but I always skip out on the work parties so I guess I should go to this one. Blakes making Jello shots and pink panties and bringing his abusive girlfriend so maybe I'll get to be in a drunken fight. That should be interesting. Or maybe I'll just fall asleep and miss the whole thing. Its sad but sleep wins out a lot for me in life. I blame the softness of my pillows...perhaps I should replace them with rocks so I can get something accomplished.
Anyways its off to the shower. I have to meet Jen and go wedding shopping. I hope I dont accidentally kill her. Its just that with all the looking shes done we could have planned 6 weddings. On the plus side if I ever get to have a wedding I know exactly what I want and where to get it. I've picked out everything while watiting for Jen to decide on a fucking color scheme. So yes the highly affordable Botanical garndens are in and the ridiculously over price gaylord hotel is out. But the ridiculously overpriced and BEAUTIFUL ring named Bridgette from Helzberg is in and the cheapo one is out. HAHAHAHA

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