Call me Mrs. Kaga

2005-01-13 / 11:05 p.m.


Not much happened today. I worked, I played some GTA III, a boy I used to work with killed his dad...oh wait I guess thats different.
I feel really bad for Casey. He was a nice kid, even if he majorly fucked up everything at work(sometimes on purpose) and tried to steal drugs(he couldn't even do that right).It turns out his dad was a violent drunk and Casey shot him. Hes claiming self defense but there is no evidence to support that. I'm guessing he snapped. I cant say I hope he doesnt get off though. One of the few things that truly disturbs me is violence against children. Pick on someone who can defend themselves you bastards. And parents that abuse are the worst to me. Parents are there to love and protect you, not hit you. My parents will never win awards but never once where they violent. And to this day if someone physically hurt me, they would go to jail for the things they would do to them. I just dont understand...if you cant handle yourself around a child then dont have one.
On a happier note I have been doing lots of deep thinking as of late. Apparently so much so that everyone at work thought something was wrong with me because I was so quiet. Nothings wrong, in fact it couldn't be better. I need to have a serious discussion with Brian sometime soon, nothing bad mind you...just stuff we need to really work out for the futures sake. Rereading that makes it sound so bad, but I mean stuff like what kinda pharmacy work is available in Nebraska, and other stuff like that. But he has to move this weekend so it can all wait a little bit till he gets resettled. Sometimes I just get a little too excited.
But as much fun as this is I think I am going to do some video gamin' it odd that I can seperate myself while I play and really think about important things but still be anal about the game itself? Sometimes I am sooo weird.

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