does anybody read the titles?

2005-01-15 / 10:40 a.m.


Some one has been reading the crap out of my journal. Not that many people but someone has been doing some back reading. Thats definitely pretty cool.
Did you know that Spain has the most awesome lottery system? I totally won their national lottery and I didnt even have to buy a ticket!! All I need to do is give them my checking account information and they will deposit my winnings; at least thats what the email said anyway. I always get tons of those crazy ass emails. I mean tons. I dont understand why: does anyone ever actually think a relative has died or they won some astromical sum and send their bank info? If so I feel no pity.
I'm supposed to go hang out at Tims tongiht, probably play some board games, drink some beer...normally I'd be all into it, I even like his fiance now...but I dont know, Danielle could come over and watch Harry Potter, or I could sit on my ass and play video games. I feel bad that I'm so lazy, but also its cause I'm being cheap. If I go to Tim's I'll have to take some beer and I know that its not expensive but I need every penny I can get right now. I finally have my credit card debt under 5000. Not much of a victory but still I am proud. Now I just need to get my tax return back. Then we can start working on another chunk of it. Unfortunately I think its going to take another year to pay even one of them off. If I didnt have rent and stuff like that to pay it would be different, but I do so I do the best that I can. On the plus side I have put them away and I honestly dont use them anymore. Now if I need something I had better have the cash. But I have come to realize that I am never going to be rich, and I will settle for comfortable. So if anyone would like to contribute to the pay Jenni's bills off fund just let me know.
Ok so I talked to Daniel yesterday and he said the sweetest thing...first of apparently I have to have a wedding, no matter how tiny, and if my dad is being a jerkface he will give me away. I thought that was really sweet of him. He knows how important a wedding is to me, because I want that memory and I want to be able to involve the few members of my family that wont disown me in something and to show those that arent happy just how serious I am. So now I just have to get busy and actually ask Brian when he wants to do this...Its kinda like I'm proposing...demand number 2 is met!!

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