monday mornings suck

2005-01-17 / 6:55 a.m.


My last free weekend is over. I did a big fat nothing all weekend. I say that but I was a cooking machine. I really do enjoy cooking and its not something I often take the time to do. Its difficult when you get off work at five go to school for a couple hours and get home at nine to feel like cooking a meal, Taco Bell always sounds so much easier. But this weekend I had nothing else to do. It was actually pretty funny. I was making chicken pot pie last night and apparently I had too much stuff for the middle and I had to get Liz to go get two more pie crusts. We will be eating chicken pot pie for ever. I managed to cook four of them. We froze two but still it was quite hilarious at the time.
Thats about all my weekend consisted of. As usual I decided against the weekly party. I dont know if I've gotten old or what but the thought of consuming a ton of beer every weekend just doesnt appeal to me anymore. Every now and then its ok, but quite frankly its not something I see myself doing even once a week. I got in a huge fight with my mother. GRRRRR!!! Somehow my moving is all about her and not me. YAY! She also informed me that I need to tell my father about Brian soon, which is true, but I hate that I will be so poor, its not that I cant make it on my own but I dont want to show up on Brians door step full of debt and a complete pauper. So if anybody wants to buy some mint condition action figures let me know...its time to sell!

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