The one Where I Ramble

2005-01-21 / 5:08 p.m.


I know I haven't updated in a while but in my defense diaryland has been bunk lately so I couldnt. I've had quite a few things to say but my feeble mind has forgotten them already so I'll just have to wing it.

School is going excellent. I like all my teachers they seem nice...of course I've had a few of them before and I have Nelms twice in one day but you know whatever. Speaking of Nelms, he is by far the worlds most awesome teacher. Any teacher that shows an episode of star trek the next generation on the first day of class is awesome on that alone. I like any opertunity to geek out and his class gives me so many. I dont think Michael likes it though, but then I dont think Michael likes anything to do with school unless it involves a foreign language.

I realized the other day that it has been over a week since I have had fast food of any kind. Its been really nice. I enjoy cooking a lot and I think I've decided to just stop by the store everyday and pick up what I need for dinner and keep staples at home. Liz has been cooking when I cant. Together we are really making an effort. I hope it saves me money, but at least its a lot healthier. Besides I am having fun. Its like I'm a grown up.

Speaking of growing up, I am selling my action figures. I know its a shock. But quite honestly I am tired of moving them around and I dont always have room for them and they dont match if I dont have an extra room for them. I am going to keep my books though. My dream is to one day have a house with a library. Not a huge one or anything, just a nice room, with floor to ceiling bookcases and a few comfy chairs. Brian say that will never happen but I think it will. He wants me to get rid of some of my books but I am getting rid of all my toys (except my alice collection, one day thats for my kids room) so that is a big ass step for me. Its weird I think I am growing up, I want matching things and nice things, instead of bean bags and plastic toys...its kinda freaking me out just a little.

Speaking of books...I want to get the book Gods Politics.

I saw the author on the Daily Show and it seems so interesting. Its all about how being a Christian doesnt mean you are pro-war, pro-rich and all the other republican cliches. He mentions that charity and other things associated with the left are metioned through out the bible. See good people believe in God too. Its a shame all the nut jobs out there bombing abortion clinics, and putting robes on the naked statues in the justice department give the rest of us a bad name. Jesus said to help people not bomb them. I just hate it when people use religion as a cover for their own agenda. Its not Gods will; its yours. But enough of that. Needless to say I think the book looks very interesting so someone should purchase it for me. :)
Daniel has agreed to help me move...I know its still a ways a way but its coming fast....I cant help but be a little nervous and scared. I apologize for being bitchy now while I still am on the sane side, but just to warn everyone, getting disowned, leaving your friends, leaving your job, and moving 4 states away is going to be very difficult and stressful for me. I am happy that I get to go and be with Brian, but that doesnt make all the tough stuff go away it just means when I get there some one can hold me when I get sad and cry...I will miss everyone so much...ok its way to early for this so instead of making myself sad, I'm going to go clean!

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