Spare some Change Mister?

2005-01-25 / 6:37 a.m.


Does anyone have 274 dollars I can borrow...I really want to go see Brian. I am trying to figure out my spring break and all my financial situations and its driving me insane. I"m not poor, but I know that very soon I will be. Plus I'm trying to the right thing and pay off some stuff, since apparently it would be wrong to expect Brian to pay off my credit card debt. Here and I thought he would just get a second job to support me. It wouldn't be so bad if I didnt have a freaking 200 dollar bridesmaids dress to buy. I love Jenn but I cant afford that right now. Oh and do I have to throw her a bridal shower and bachlorette pary? Because I really cant do that with out some help. I think for her bachlorette party we are going to Dave and Buster's and renting hotel room and getting drunk since most of her friends are under 21, I have experience with that so it should be ok. But I think I'm going to charge per person. I hate to be mean but thats the way its going to have to be.
In other news school is going good. I understood algebra class yesterday. I realize that it was the first day and I should understand that no matter what, but still the teacher seems really good. I usually have trouble in math because teachers dont explain things they just assume you should know something. All it takes is 2 minutes to identify what everything in a problem is and it makes it so much easier. Prof Boaz actually did that and so everything made sense. Who knows maybe I'll actually pass college algebra this time. Lets just say I'm much more comfortable in my literature classes. Like last night Brian and I were discussing Arthurian legends and he thought the sword was still in the stone...oh no its with the lady of the lake for now...I mean if it were real thats where it would be. But that stuff is interesting. Maybe math just needs some good stories and I would find it more appealing.
Well I'm off to do a bit of studying before school. I was going to go to bed really early last night and get up super early and study but I started talking to Brian and you know how that goes...2 hours later I was falling asleep on the phone. But thats ok, hes never been much of a phone person so I think its sweet that we manage to talk on the phone every night usually for an hour or more. So what if I have a lot of reading to do and I'm a bit sleepy. It was worth it. :)

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