If food doesnt have a flavor how do you know your eating it?

2005-01-26 / 7:06 a.m.


I know I've said it before and I will probably say it again, but sometimes the things Brian does for me are amazing. He just got his cable moved to his new apartment and he decided to subscribe to the food network, since it has oddly become one of my favorite channels in my quest for cooking knowledge. Well that and I love Iron Chef which teaches me nothing about cooking, except that if a Japanese person ever comes over for dinner they dont like their meat cooked. Anyway...it wasnt anything big or important in any way, which is kinda what made it so special. I like that he does stupid little things to make me smile and brighten my day. He doesnt like it when I so gratitude though, it makes him uncomfortable(never said he was normal, just nice) so I will show it here. Thanks Brian, I love you too.
I cooked dinner last night. First off it should have been made with gold as much money as this shit cost to make, and it tasted like crap. I should qualify that statement...half of it tasted like crap. I made six cheese tortillini and mini calzones. Now the calzones were wonderful. They were full of ricotta cheese and black olives and more cheese...mmmm, but the tortellini didnt seem to have much of a flavor. It wasnt bad...it just wasnt good. I guess Sandra Lee cant always have a hit. Is it sad that after school I came home and watched the food network and then went to the store to get ingredients for something I saw? I sure hope not, but if it is oh well. I'm off to a dentist appiontment I forgot about...yay!! I get to call work and tell someone I'm running late...more YAYS!!! Actually it wont be that bad its just a cleaning so I should be done in about 30 minutes but I have to go take my antibiotics now; stupid heart problem.

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