I wish Tommy Tutone would make a comeback...

2005-01-28 / 7:03 a.m.


I had fast food for the first time yesterday in a long time and ugh...I'm not feeling so great. I was so hungry when I got out of school yeserday and I didnt want my soup, so I thought for a change I'll get some burger king. It didnt even taste good. Then last night we ordered pizza. Which by the way Pizza Hut if you are going to advertise a new tasty looking dipping pizza on tv it would behoove you to stock your stores with it. Two different pizza huts were out, so we called Papa Johns just because we wanted the damn sauce. It was good but not worth the ugh...I feel bloated with fast food feeling this morning. I know its because I'm fixing to start my period that I wanted some fast food but I should have just gotten some ice cream or something.
Liz's journal made me sad yesterday. I think she thinks I dont love her anymore. I feel really bad but I am gone about 13 hours a day with school, and I'm just so tired when I get home I dont feel like being entertaining. She also thinks we wont be best friends when I move. You can stay freinds with some one look at Daniel and me. He lives in Austin, which is far different than Nebraska I know, but he is still the busiest person I know. That doesnt change anything. When we do get to talk its still that episode of Will and Grace where they finish each others sentences. Besides how often do you find a friend whom you can make iron chef t-shirts with, watch mexican tv shows with, or drive around discussing the merits of harry potter fan fiction with? Thats love baby! So dont worry...and besides didnt I tell you I'm forcing her to move with me.
I'm buying my birthday present for Brian tonight or in the morning. Its me!! I'm going to go see him for spring break. I'm really excited since I'll get to see where I'm going to live. Well that and I miss him too. He told me not to do it if I couldnt afford it...and of course I cant but he sounded so happy...and you know what; I realize that I am never going to be rich, but by God I'm going to be happy. So big deal if I have to pay the minimum one more month on my credit cards, I'm going to see my boyfriend. Besides one day I'll get all my junk ebayed and this spring its giant garage sale time so I'll get some money then.
Oh I would just like to thank Liz for being honest in her journal. I have a new pet peeve. I randomly click on journals to read often and it annoys the piss out of me when people wont say who they are talking about. If you are that worried about offending,pissing off,or weirding out someone heres a tip: lock that entry or dont put it on the interenet. Thats just my opinion.

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