sooo hungry

2005-02-06 / 9:09 a.m.

Listening:: Lady Tron--seventeen
Playing:: Legend f Zelda---gba
Reading:: Ultimate History of Video Games

I got my tax stuff yesterday. I am so excited. Now all I have to do is take it to my mother and she will complete it and see just how much money the government gets to give me. I hope its a lot seeing as how I made less than 19,000 last year. Its very hard to live on that. Which would be why right now I am so broke I didnt even eat dinner last night. There was a little bit of food in the house, but most everything required going to the store for something like bread, or some marinade or something to be able to cook anything, so I just had the last hand full of mini chips ahoys and went to bed. I kinda hope this turns out like the years I lived with Wade and I lost so much weight because I would live off a can of biscuits. That would be awesome. Mom did bring me some cat food so they are set, and I have enough money to go get my birth control monday and gas today, and then thats it, if I added right it should leave me with about 8 dollars in my checking account. Please hurry Wednesday, with your oh so wonderful paycheck (which I get to turn around and spend immediately on bills, damn you TXU).
Enough stressing over bills...I have a ton of stuff stashed in the garage for a sale this spring so yay, I'll get some extra cash and clear out a bunch of junk. Is it sad that when I go see Brian next month I was thinking of packing a few small things to leave up there? I'm thinking ahead baby, and anything I can get up there now is less I have to take later. I could take an extra suitcase full of stuff....hmmm.
Super Bowls today. I'm not really excited since I dont care for these teams but I have to say that I hope the Eagles win, since I really dont like the Patriots. I might go to my moms and watch it with dad , but I'm not sure whats going on, I have to meet Meridith from World Lit and study, and I have to meet Katherine and get coffee and I need to get my game back because me and Liz really want to play it. It would be so much fun since the living room got rearranged yesterday. Liz did it while I was at work and I like it a whole lot better. Since her parents took back their bar stools we had a little more space so she shifted everything and now there are 2 good spots to see the tv that cords will reach and that means gaming time. So probably next weekend, its Baldurs Gate time...

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