Screw You radio!!!

2005-02-07 / 7:06 a.m.

Listening:: Lady tron---light and Magic
Playing:: Legend of Zelda---GBA
Reading:: Ultimate History of Video Games

I just have to say that I hate Kiss FM now. They talked this morning about how crappy the halftime show was since Paul McCartney was so old. Screw you guys, he rocks, and yes there were people under thirty that loved that half-time show. The beatles are perhaps one of the best bands ever and Paul is a legend. If you really think that Janet jackson and Justin Timberlake did a better job, and are somehow better musicians than I just feel sorry for you. I thought Hey Jude was the highlight of a very disapointing superbowl. The game and the commercials sucked but man, freakin' SIR Paul McCartney rocked. Sigh. this is why I dont listen to the radio...

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