"an insect living in your memory.."

2005-02-09 / 7:26 a.m.

Listening:: Lady Tron---blue Jeans
Playing:: Grand Theft Auto III
Reading:: Ultimate History of Video Games

Its pay day Its pay day!! I'm so happy about this...you have no idea. Now I can buy food, and pay the electric bill, and my credit card bills and use it all up in about 3 days. Exciting huh?
I have had the worst headache the past few days. Its like super-headache that advil does nothing to alliveate. I blame the lack of ice cream...I dont konw why exactly but it seems like not eating ice cream would give me a headache since I love it oh so much.
So I've been playing GTA again and let me tell you the damn ambulance missions are freakin impossible. I suck anyway but I have saved 32 people and nothing....no heart at my hideout yet and I can only get to parametic level 3. Just when I almost beat that record last night a cop car just stops right in front of me, flipping the ambulance and killing my passangers, I ran to safety, but it ended my missions. Bastards, you would think that the sirens would make them move but oh no...and the cops in the game are the worst at being right in your way. Le sigh. That and the off road missions are impossible as well. Man I just suck hard core at this game. Oh well...at least I have fun with it. I did manage to do a few unique jumps, ha Brian ha! I think tonight I might actually start some missions....gasp!
Ok I got nothing...I had a hard test in World Lit yesterday and i came home and took a nap since it drained me so, oh and no algebra again tonight....teacher still out of town lucky me.

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