I'm late!!!!

2005-02-11 / 7:26 a.m.


What a day yesterday...they had to take my mom to the hospital, it seems she almost collapsed and her blood pressure was dangerously high. It really worries me, I complain about my mom a lot, but I really do love her, and there was a time in my life when she and I were really close. When I was a kid she was the best mom in the world, she was the one that everyone wanted to go as a chaperone on school trips, everyone wanted to go to my house cause she made such great snacks, and they just generally liked her. I can only hope that when I have kids I am just as wonderful at it as she was. Yes she's had her moments...I dont know what happened to make her snap, but I'm betting my father had something to do with it. That and my grandma dying...anyway shes doing ok right now, but still I worry.
I sent Brian his valentines day gift, or rather Liz is sending it today...last night I didnt even want to send it. He was going on and on about how valentines day is stupid and not a holiday, and he's right its not, valentines day could easily be any other day of the year; but its not. The card companies chose February 14th so deal with it. Its not about money its about taking a moment and letting those people who you love know that you love them, because sometimes we get too busy or caught up in the everyday to make people feel special. You dont have to spend outrageous sums of money, but if you want to you can. (my dad doesnt do caring, he does presents, he always gets my mom something real nice) You can do something as simple as cooking someone their favorite meal and watching their favorite movie, just spending time with that person, thats what Liz and I are doing sunday night. Its going to be glorious. But since Bri lives far away and I cant be there to do stupid things for him, I sent him a stupid present. Its not expensive, but its just something to let him know that I care, and I try to listen to what he likes. The store was out of what he wanted to get me...so it remains to see if I will get it. He said I have to remind him, but I'm sorry thats what all the advertising is for and asking for your valentines day present makes it not special anymore. Not all boys are like this...Glynn always brings roses to all the girls at work, so at least someone will give me flowers. Anyway I'm not mad at Brian any more its just he frustrates me sometimes....I love him to death but sometimes he needs a good choking. Le Sigh. I do hope he likes his present... I was really poor, but I tried. Its important to me, so I bought something. Hopefully it will make him smile, which is all I want.
HOly Crap its time for me to go!! I'm late for work!!!

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