what disease makes you sleep a lot?

2005-02-12 / 7:20 a.m.


Not much time for an entry...but there will be an oh so awesome one tomorrow. My roommate is currently in jail and I dont have the nearly 800 dollars it will take to bail her out, and apparently neither does her mother, who called me at 3 am to ask me if I had any idea who would cash a check at 3 am since she had maxed out her limit on her atm for the day. Apparently it will only let her withdraw 400 dollars a day and obviously her bank was closed. what a mess people dont ever not pay your tickets...
On the awesome side of things my dad is taking my mother and me out for valentines day tonight. We get to go to Texas de Brazil this uber expensive supposedly awesome brazilian restaraunt in town. I've never been, but he loves it and has always thought that I would. Plus it had torches outside, its got to be awesome. Anyway I thought it was nice of him, since my mother and I rarely get to go anywhere that is that expensive. I think a nice dinner is olive garden. :) I think every now and then doing something extravagant is fun. Contrary to popular belief we dont do stuff like this often, while my dad does have money he doesnt spend it...he is kinda cheap, which is why he says he has money. But I get to get all dressed up tonight and look all pretty and be all classy...sigh its like I'm a kid again... Go Me! and especially Go Dad!!

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