someone make me some breakfast

2005-02-13 / 6:56 a.m.


so my roommate is out of jail. I'm very glad, but then she doesnt come home last night or call, and after getting arrested the night before you would think she would call and let me know she was ok and not coming home.
So my wonderful dinn3er turned out to be not so wonderful. I love my dad but he doesnt really have any common sense. He didnt think that at a place that is about 60 dollars a plate you probably need reservations. They are booked for the next three weeks. He did promise to take us soon, but last night we went to Pappadeaux instead. Ummm he tried, but honestly the food wasn't that good in my opinion. I could have gotten the same thing at several places for a lot less money. Oh well, he did try and mom gave me forty bucks for valentines day. Oh and dad did fill my car up with gas, plus we actually had some intelligent conversation about religion and that was pretty cool.
I'm worried about Brian. He seems so down lately, and there doesnt seem to be anything I can do to make it better. I know he thinks it will be better when I move up ther and he is probably right, but how has he managed this long? I mean hes been up there almost 2 years with out me all he has left is about 6 months. I'm a firm beleiver in the fact that you need to find something that makes it worth while to get up every morning, something to occupy your time, rather it be religion, another person, a hobby whatever; its different things for different people. I think he needs that, it seems like ffxi is slowly losing its draw. I dont have much experience with depression or things like that, becuase its not something that I have ever really had. It just worries me because it seems like he sits and stews on things that bother him and then you do something and it renforces whatever he has been upset about, but you didnt know what that was in the first place because he doesnt like to talk about things and its something you could have fixed, but now you cant. That sentence made no sense at all, but it did in my head...Anyway I'm just worried about him, which he doesnt like, because he doesnt think I need to worry about him, but I keep trying to tell him when you love someone it hurts you to see them upset, especially when there isnt really anything you can do to make it better. I hope my valentines day present cheers him up...:)

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