"raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.."

2005-02-20 / 9:07 a.m.


Yesterday was interesting...I went to work which is never fun, but this saturday was supposed to be hell due to all the cycle we had going out, but it turned out to go really smoothly. Vicki bought my lunch, I'm not sure why...other people weren't eating either, but she insisted I had to eat and gave me ten bucks. She can be really dramatic and kinda mean sometimes, but she is a good person. Besides she likes me which is all I care about.
Danielle came over and we watched the first Harry Potter...which was good as usual. Now she cant make fun of me since she actually enjoyed it. We are going to have to get together so she can watch 2 and 3. We got us some taco bell and gossiped about work and boyfriends which was fun. I really like Danielle, shes one of those people thats really hard to get to know since shes very shy, but once you do get to know her shes a lot of fun. She's one of the few people at work that can have fun and do her job.
Today I have to go see max...hes not doing so well. Hes still looking for molly. Its going to be the first time I've been over there with out her there. Its going to be sad I'd imagine. Le sigh...at least I'm getting my taxes done too.

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