happy presidents day

2005-02-21 / 7:30 a.m.


You know what I find absolutely amazing? I dont think anyone believes that I am actually moving to nebraska. That includes my own boyfriend whom I'm moving up there to be with. First off do you people not know me at all?!! I've already told everyone I'm moving and to go back on my word short of some horrible occurance would be shameful. Second, as sappy as the whole thing sounds, I actually love Brian and I want to be where ever he is. I would move sooner, but I cant do that to Liz, I would never break a commitment I already had. I think thats what makes Brian doubt my coming, I know he wishes I would move sooner but I am staying until my lease is up, he should understand that.I think all the cynical people are sad, have they forgotten what love is, or have they ever truly been in love? It will make you do crazy things like pack up your life and move but generally its worth it. Personally I know its worth it or I wouldnt be moving, and I cant wait.
I think I am going to go work out tonight. The giant diet starts today...I start these often but I have some support with this one, so we'll see how it goes.
On an unrelated note: Isnt everything British great? I watched HP this weekend and Danielle thought it was cool that we had a british flag up...and I caught a comedy last night on PBS. Is it sad I wish I were British...I just think it would make me so much cooler...

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