I think I need to go back to sleep

2005-02-22 / 7:32 a.m.

Listening:: Susan Tedeschi--Alone
Playing:: GTA 3
Reading:: Ultimate History of Video Games---I have about 10 pages left

Bah...I wish I was still asleep this morning. Last night was American Idol night...Liz and I already have our favorites. Oh Constantine, you're not really a rocker at all, that Seal song last night proved it. Thats ok though you still are the number one favorite. Clay Lite: I guess we should start calling you Anthony. You are adorable and have a sad story, we love you too. And Anwar(?) dreaded music teacher, we probably wont ever vote for you since the phones will be tied up voting for Constantine and Anthony, but we hope you make the top 3. Yes my roommate and I are pathetic, but at least we have fun. Anyway tonight is the girls night so we'll see where my loyalties lie with them tomorrow.
I have to go get Brian a birthday card today. I feel really bad that I cant get him anything. I know he doesnt really care, but I do. His birthday is important...in fact the birthday trip we took to Roswell is the place we first did it. So see I like to celebrate his birthday. I would like to celebrate it with sex again instead of a card but that will have to wait 23 more days. That was a good trip. I hope that we get to go somewhere fun like that again. It wasnt Roswell that made it fun we just seemed to have a blast. All those crazy tumbleweeds and the smell, and that damn restaurant that I cant remember the name anymore but Bri and I both thought it was called something clam I think and we laughed everytime we drove past it. Sigh. Good times, good times.
I made plans to go out Monday with Garcia and Dani B. monday. Maybe Jen and Laura too. Its funny I think with me moving the work friends are making more of an effort to hang out with me, its like they're going to miss me or something. Dani B came over this weekend, Tim called to invite me out, Teresa couldnt find my number or I would have been rocking out to Duran Duran with her this weekend. I told her it was no excuse so she promised next time to call, shes always going to these great 80's concerts and having extra tickets...now she has my number. :) I think its funny, I've always been friends with these people and if parties are going on, or someone gets scheduled a lunch break with me then we hang out, but in general we've never been outside of work friends. I kinda like it. Everyone seems to really not want me to go...its kinda sad: but I'm going anyway. Aren't I evil?

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