Happy Birthday Brian

2005-02-23 / 6:09 p.m.

Listening:: Aerosmith--living on the edge
Playing:: GTA 3
Reading:: Arcade Fever

First things first: Happy Birthday to Brian...I hope he gets his card soon...stupid presidents day making mail stop for a day...GRRR!! I wish more than anything that I could be there with him now, I would like to do something special for his birthday because important to him or not, its still a special day because if he hadnt been born I wouldn't be near as happy.
Ok enough sappyness. I got fitted for my maid of honor dress today and might I just say that I have some bodacious tatas. I'm not fat, I'm not skinny but in proportion to my waist its amazing. a twelve inch difference folks. Man I knew the twins were special but that surprised even me.
I finally finished my first book for the book club I joined. One hundred books in one year, go check it out. There is a link to it on your right under links and under read is a link to my reviews of what I read. What good is reading all these books and posting it if you cant get someone interested in reading. So if you need some good ideas on what to pick up to read check it out. I will try to put a notice here when I add a review.
Thats all I gots for now...I'm gonna go watch the simpsons.

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