"Dont stop thinking about tomorrow, It will soon be here..It will be better than before..."

2005-02-24 / 7:28 a.m.

Listening:: Fleetwood Mac---Dont Stop
Playing:: GtTA 3
Reading:: Arcade Fever

Yay thursday...what a great day. I get to close at the pharmacy. Its going to be one craptacular night. L-dog will be there, we are short 2 people closing...I just cant wait.
I think our house has an electrical problem. The fan/light fixture in the office blew out yesterday. No it wasnt a breaker, so I dont know what it was. I called my dad and he thinks there is either a short in the fan or in the entire house, since several plugs do not work and we go through light bulbs like crazy. Its a cheap, crappy, old rent house but I dont want this fire trap burning down on my head before I can move out of it. So we get to fax our crappy management compnay and hope they fix this soon. On the plus side, Liz is home looking for a job, so someone will be here.
I went to lunch with Danielle yesterday and it made me feel better about myself seeing someone just as clumsy as me. She managed to spill chiniese food all down her pants while she was trying to throw it away, then in the car she spilt water everywhere. It was hilarious. Anna Y was back from Alabama with some great therapy stories(her mom is forcing her to go) and as usual we all had a blast. Its so funny becuase generally I have always gotten along better with boys, but there are a few girls at work that are just awesome. Sometimes I'm glad that people just hear us laughing hysterically and dont actually hear the jokes cause we can be mean. Is it wrong that we start humming the Sanford and Son theme when some very classless people walk by? Probably, but my god its hilarious. Plus we dont even have to say anything, there are a few people up there that think its cool to go out drinking every night and come to work woth 4 hours sleep and great bar stories. Guess what its not cool. Its actually pretty pathetic. You arent 21 anymore, or actually in highschool when its cool to do that sort of thing...how many years have you been doing this and how long will you continue? Danielle just gets this look on her face and its all I can do to keep from dying laughing, because everyone is thinking how sad it is that your old ass still goes bar hopping every single night looking for a man and the only one who just doesnt have the composure to hide it is Dani. Todd actually had to bring out the QFFWW agin. The old club we made up about quit f*cking fat white women. Good Times. I'm sure we will all have a blast this weekend at Tims, if any of us end up going. Good people but we are freaking lazy. But I'm gonna go; its been forever since I've been and I think a game night sounds like fun. I've become old. A night of playing board games with my friends sounds like a great way to spent my Saturday night. Wow. I think I'm gonna go rearrange my sock drawer now...

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