Texas de Freaking Expensive!!

2005-02-27 / 1:49 a.m.


Today was a really good day. My dad and I went out to eat with my mom and sister to Texas de Brazil(or Texas de Expensice as I now call it). It was freaking awesome. Any place that has guys carrying around huge skewers full of meat is cool. It was actuallly really good food too. Surprising I know, but for that much money it should to be.
It was really great to see my sister. I dont think I'd seen her since the last time I saw her with Brian...maybe once after that. Speaking of he did really good by remembering her. Shes going through a nasty divorce and I feel really sorry for her. My sister has always been the tough one of the family. The chick you just dont mess with. This time she really got hurt and whats worse is hes using Brenna to mess with her. She was telling me that the hardest part was thinking that she knew the person she spent 12 years married to and realizing she didnt know him at all. Whats worse is the fact that she has known him since she was 14; 21 years. Evryone was so happy when Deena settled down with Bryan, she had been so wild and he was good for her. I dont know whats gotten into him, he was always so nice. By far the best married into the family member we had. Anyway my sister is so skinny she looks like a refugee because shes been to stressed to eat or keep anything down. That and shes downing Xanax to sleep. And drinking more than is good for her. I am going to have to try to make an effort to be a better sister. I think I am going to see if she wants to go get some dinner this week.
I went to Tims after that. We played Scatagories which I whooped ass in. Yeah I did!! Then I finally saw Napoleon Dynomite. IT was freaking hilarious. As usual I had a great time with Tim.
I talked to Brian today. It makes me so sad that I cant be up there some times. Usually I'm ok with it, but there are times that I would give anything to be in Nebraska at that moment and tonight was one of those moments. Its not even just a relationship thing, we were friends well before we started seeing each other and I miss him as a boyfriend and as a friend. I think he would have actually had fun with me tonight. It wasnt a large social situation and I didnt stay that long. There are times I just wish we were together, for stupid things like playing games with or just hangout with.
On that note I'm off to bed. I have to get up in the morning and go to the grocery store. Awesome huh?
ps. --i updated my book reviews. Check out an opinion on arcade fever.

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