Great Taste, Great Value Guaranteed!!

2005-03-01 / 8:06 a.m.


Yesterday was a good day. Last night was awesome! Garcia, Danielle and I headed down to the saucer for a few beers and some social time, since none of us, ok Dani and me, seem to do much socializing anymore. Garcia was mad that they didnt id her so she couldn't use her fake id. I told her that they never id, but she didnt believe me. They were both suitably impressed with my ability to pick out beers. Garicia is letting me order for her from now on. Its like I'm some sort of beer expert when really I just know a few really good ones. All I'm saying is you cant go wrong recomending Woodchuck Dark and Dry. I had 2 good beers and one nasty. Damn you Abita, I thought that since you make that delicious Purple Haze your other products would be good. Oh no. Boo to Turbodog, boo.
Highlights of the evening include walking back to the car with danielle flailing her arms at Garcia and her engagement ring flying off. We found it in the middle of the street so its ok to joke about it now, so nothing beats Dani's screech of MY RING!! I got made fun of for calling Barnes and Noble B&N; you try to tell someone you worked there and thats what everyone calls it but noooo...your the freak. :) But the best moment was pulling up to the pharmacy and laughing about how all the drivers left were probably robbing the place like last week and what happens but a driver walks out of the building. I was crying I was laughing so hard. David could not have timed that any better.
I talked to Brian during the mildly tipsy drive home. I wasnt dangerous or anything, its just 3 beers makes everything funny to me, so either he was extremely hilarious last night or it was the beer. I'm betting it was the beer, I cant actually let him think he can be funny. Anyway I think we may make this a monday night thing. Its definitely on next week but thats because its Danielles birthday and we have to do some sort of partying for her special day. I will get that plate before I move damn it. That way Garcia can sit under it and drink and cry every time she goes with out me. :)

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