I wish I had some breakfast

2005-03-02 / 7:24 a.m.

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Playing:: gta 3
Reading:: jack the ripper's black magic rituals or something like that....

Ok so I'm up in the air about this death penalty and minors thing. I know I'm a hard core democrat but the death penalty is my one republican view point. I think evil people should die and quite frankly some of those kids they were talking about on the news did such heinous things and they should die. I dont think a small child but a 17 year old is an adult in my opinion. I had graduated high school by then and I certainly knew that gang rape and murder would be punishable by death. I mean come on. I just cant muster up any sympathy for crimes like that whether the criminal was 17 or 67. Everyone knows better. You should know better before the age of 5. I dont believe the death penalty is the answer to stopping crime the problem lies with the parents and schools just flat out letting kids get away with all kinds of shit these days. Stuff as simple as acting up in a grocery store, I was never allowed to throw fits and tear up stuff, it makes me so angry. GRRR.. anyway I just think this was a poor decision and its policy anyway and that goes to Congress not the Supreme Court.
I talked to Daniel yesterday for the first time in forever. I'm glad hes doing ok, but he kinda upset me. Hes supposed to help me move and now its like hes slowly working his way out of it. I just dont have too many guy friends that I can ask. Lots of guy friends but not too many I could ask to make a trip to Nebraska in a moving van with me. Danny's basically family so thats not too wierd I dont think, especially since the rest of my family is obviously not going to help. Gah...this move just looks like its going smoother and smoother. YAY! note the sarcasm.
Ok I gots to go get ready for work evben though it is the last thing I want to do today.

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