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2005-03-07 / 11:00 p.m.

Listening:: nothing
Playing:: baldurs gate
Reading:: Portrait of a Killer---Patricia Cornwell

I have a sty on my lower eyelid and it hurts. Its been years since I've had one, and actually I've only had one once in my life, well I guess twice now. My eye is sore. Thank god its super tiny, but it still hurts and I can feel it so it grosses me out.
Of course my brilliant mother suggests its from all the eye strain of the video gaming I did this weekend. Nevermind the fact that since I was a small child I've played video games and I have played them for much longer periods of time then this weekend. But whatever. I mean come on if that caused stys I would have been one giant sty when I lived with Brian.
Speaking of, time for my happy dance; only 10 more days. I know my utter happiness is annoying but I dont care. I cant wait to go see him and I'm going to have fun, so she-blah.
I just finished a new book go check it out on the book review link. Its a Jack the Ripper book. Apparently reading about Jack the Ripper makes me crazy and weird according to my oh so normal boyfriend. Because playing online RPG's all day and organizing magic tournaments is the height of normality he is obviously qualified to comment.
ok well I'm going to go nurse my sty and start my next book...another Jack the Ripper book, this time the Patricia Cornwell one.
ps I have no idea if I spelled sty correctly and I am too damn lazy to check. If its wrong then shoot me, but its not something I have the need to spell often.

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