I wish that fun drunk feeling lasted through to the next morning

2005-03-10 / 7:06 a.m.


Oh my head...I really thought I wasnt going to stay long at the birthday get together last night but it was so much fun and so many people came and there were so many drinks... I ended up going early with Candace thinking that way we could leave early, I didnt have to drive and I could buy my drinks on happy hour prices. HAHA. We stayed for over 3 hours. Doesn't sound like a long time but you spend that long in a restaurant sober and see if you can do it. I drank a lot, took a lot of cell phone pictures and laughed so much my face hurt. It was hilarious. Garcia drank straight from the fish bowl, I guilted Craig into coming, and then he kept threatening to fired Garcia for her loud mouth cursing. By the way his impressions of Vicki are priceless. Honestly I dont know how I got home. Candace drove us back to the pharmacy which was great, but I still had to get home from there. I talked to bri on the way home to help me focus on something. I dont even remember the conversation all that much. I do remember taking a bath which is my usual drunk behavior then I passed out. This morning my tummy hurts and all I want to do is go back to bed. WEhich I think thats exactly what I'm going to do. Some stupid guy is coming to fix our electrical problem. Thanks metroplex management for being so prompt in the complaint from February. They are the worst management company ever. Who ever heard of a company not being able to approve repairs without talking to the owner. I can see for major things but come on that is the entire point of hiring a management company.

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