Good Place is not a good place

2005-03-12 / 7:26 a.m.


I gots nothing today. I think that maybe I am getting sick, you know the mildly sore throat the slight headache...and yay I get to spend the day at work on a good place cycle weekend and try not to either kill someone or myself when they do nothing and I get stuck being super tech. Did you know my boss is on vacation next week? Its like a miracle from God. The only crappy thing is that I will be gone at the end of the week. Its like Larry waited till I decided to go out of town and then bam, as punishment he'll leave thereby making me sad that I miss a nice week at work. Charlottes going to be gone all week next week and was cussing him yesterday. It was great fun. Garcia told her to have a nice vacation because the rest of us sure would. HAHAHA.
I have a party tonight. Its a sign of my age that I really dont want to go. I already drank this week and another alcohol filled night just doesnt sound that pleasant. Maybe its the sore throat. I'll probably go, but I'll beg out early. Tim is thinkng the same thing and we'll probably go together for a convienent escape. He's always thinking.
I am actually supposed to go to Babes this afternoon with my parents and sister. I'm going to eat lunch though cause maybe my dad will get tied up buying another house and not call. Its possible, he backed out yet again, and is still looking.

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