Jenni Mad!!!

2005-03-22 / 3:10 p.m.


Arg!!! The whole stupid internet has gone crazy. Diaryland was down again today so who knows if you got to read my last entry. If not there is a back button, stupid WoW has a stupid patch and it took forever to download, and now it wont let me on the game. It said to check my server status but the freaking world of warcraft page is taking forever to load and the server page keeps crapping out on me. oh guess what my server is up so god only knows what is wrong with my game and its not me because I havent even gotten a chance to play the thing yet to screw it up myself. ARG!!! Why is everything I touch so bunk!! I just get back from an awesome spring break to come home to everything being broken. And my damn sty is back with a vengenance and not in a cool Bruce Willis way. Damn the man, damn the luck, damn everything!!! I'm gonna go pout now and wait till Brian calls me and helps me fix whatever is wrong or at least makes me not so angry at everything.

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