WoW rocks!!

2005-03-21 / 11:19 p.m.


For starters the most annoying song in the world is the rap song that has the chipmunks in it. Who ever thought of that ridiculous idea deserves to be shot.
I'm back from Nebraska and I had a wonderful time. I miss Brian already. We didnt do anything special just the usual sitting around playing video games. He got me roses though, when I arrived at the airport he was there with them. I almost cried. It was perhaps the sweetest thing he's ever done for me. I also got World of Warcraft and it is the best game ever!! It is currently installing on my computer right now. I generally hate MMORPG's but I played this one at Bri's and I absolutely loved it.I cant wait to start playing with him. Apparently it was really cool that I played his game and drank his mountain dew. I tried to be a good girlfriend and cook this weekend. I'm not sure if he liked everything I fixed but he ate it. I met his friends. They are nice people, but surprisingly it made me very homesick. Its like I realized that I wouldnt be able to hang out with my friends anymore. I just wish they could be with me up there. I would love to go to dinner with Steve and Danielle, and Anna and Michael, and Tim and Melanie. It just made me realize how much I'm gonna miss everyone. Liz and Paige, Garcia and Blake....I really have some great friends. Mind you being homesick didnt make me want to come home. I love spending time with Brian. Its nice to be comfortable enough with some one that you can literally sit on the couch for hours playing video games and watching Teen Titans and still have stuff to laugh at even though you haven't moved. I blame the robots in the mines... Well intstallation is almost complete so thats all for now...suffice to say I am greatly assured that things will work out just fine and that Bri and I will be happy when August gets here and I dont think we will have too many problems...we have way too much fun for that.

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