"Raise the flag, Raise the flag, are you ready for a little more Panchos Mexican Buffet?..."

2005-03-25 / 7:20 a.m.


I didnt really do much of interest yesterday. I worked and ended up having to stay late because my boss is a jerk, and since hes on call we all had to stay and make sure nothing came through that he might have to come back to the store for. No other pharmacist gets that luxury. Gah, I cant wait till August.
My roommate is sick. She may have gotten me sick as well. Last night I was trying to play WoW with Bri and I really thought I was going to vomit all over my keyboard. I didnt but I had to stop playing and go lay down. I hope he didnt get mad, I really like the game and I was having fun, I just felt like crap. He seemed kinda disapointed, but hopefully tonight I will feel a little better and we can play.
Saturday is Panchos day!! Dani B and I are going ot stop by Candaces little boys birthday party and then go pig out at Panchos with Garcia. I've been singing the song for 2 days. Of course with my stomach hurting I probably dont need it, but maybe all the grease will help.

cabbages and kings