2005-03-26 / 8:02 a.m.


Its all rainy and I dont want to go to work today. I played online with Bri last night and I think he got mad at me because i needed to quit after 2 hours. I like the game, I like playing with him, but I have things to do around the house, I work, and staring at the computer gives me a headache after a while. He didnt seem to stay mad, but this is really my one misgiving about playing these games with him. He can sit and play for hours and I cant. I dont want him to get pissed at me when I have to go. I went to bed not even 2 hours after I quit, because I had to get up this morning. I had dishes to do, a bathroom to pickup and a living room to pick up because I think Dani B. is coming over. Sigh as it is I didnt finish. I just dont want him to get mad at me because I have fun playing, but its just a game to me, not a way of life. It is something I enjoy doing and playing with him makes it that much more fun.
Easter is this sunday. I think my parents and I are cooking out. We should probably go to church too since we dont do that very often anymore. I'm also going to see about sorting through my garage full of crap and starting the process of setting up for the worlds largest garage sale. Must make money, to pay bills....

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