When did beer become a beverage served at a four year old's party? I thought it was Kool-Aid.

2005-03-27 / 10:08 a.m.

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You know what I love? Normality. Wade always told me it was domesticity that I was obsessed with, but no I think its normality. Granted its my own personal definition that I want but still, I want it. I'm not talking about likes and dislikes, that more falls under things like geekiness and nerdom which can still be normal for the person involved. I just had a thoughly normal day yesterday and it was nice. There where some aspects of non-normalnesss involved but it was all not directly involving me so it was fun to watch and giggle at.
I worked which was fine since it was slow and then I went to Danielle's for the first time and I got lost in Saginaw trying to find her house. I stand by the fact that it was rainy so I couldnt see very well, but I finally found it and I didn't even have to call her. For those of you who know me that is a miracle considering the sense of direction that I have. We Went to Candaces sons birthday party which was full of snotty children and loud drunk adults. Thank god Theresa from work was there as well. I think the 3 of decided that children are evil and to never have them, or in Theresa's case to never have another one, since she got so freaking lucky with her first one. Her little girl was an absolute angel. Very quiet and polite. Everything I pray that my child will be if I ever have one but my luck I'll have a kid like the big mean boy who was mean and rude to the other kids but as soon as one of them does something back he comes bawling to his mom. Its probably wrong that I hated a child, but my god. Dani and I did discuss the utter weirdness of so much achohol at a 4 year olds birthday party. Honestly I never remember my parents and their friends being drunk at my chucky cheese party, or my Cinderella party. It just is classless. But nothing tops the skank holding her newborn baby, drinking a beer with her thong hanging out. Man thats classy. Candace has some trashy friends. Lets just say that as soon as was socially exceptable Danielle and I hit the road.
Steve was throwing some sort of keg party which I bet didnt actually happen but Dani was worried about her 4 dogs which by the way are adorable little weenie dogs, so we stopped back by her house so she could tell him once again to be careful and to please send the underage next door neighbor home. Then it was on to Panchos...we had built this up all week and it turned out to not be as good as we remembered it. THe enchiladas were stale, the soup greasy, but Danielle just kept on eating. She got sick so we went back to my place to watch Love Actually which is in my top five favortite movies of all time. If you havent seen it go rent it. It just makes you feel good without being overpowering. We talked and giggled like school girls for a while then watched an episode of Father Ted since I never knew she liked British comedies. She left and I crashed.
See normal day; work, birthday party, dinner and a movie with a friend. No naps, no boredom, no sitting at home being unsocialable. Thats my goal is to be more socialable. I'm making an effort to hang out with some people since I will be leaving and I want to actually start doing things with my friends. I have dinner with Michelle and working out with Paige tomorrow, and thats it so far, but I'm sure I'll come up with something else soon too. Anyways gots to go get ready for Easter. Happy Easter everyone. Be safe and I hope that every egg you find is a Cadbury one!

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