shitty easter

2005-03-29 / 9:59 a.m.


I had a shitty Easter and my parents are making it thousands of times easier to move to Nebraska and thats all I'm going to say about that.
My fat ass cat has hurt his back. I really think its because he is so fat. He's on special food and he just keeps getting fatter. Hes too sweet to get mad at but hes gotten so fat I dont want him laying on my chest at night.
I broke my computer yesterday, and I'm pretty sure it was either limewire or somrthing I downloaded from limewire that made it freak out on me. Lets hope it stays ok for a little bit. Brian wants to konw when I'll learn to listen to him since he told me not to put Limewire on my computer. Obviously I never listen to him, it seems only fair since he never listens to me. :)
How come the second you tell someone you were throwing up all morning they assume your pregnant? I mean come on people I'm a vomiter anyway. THe girls at work I can see but Brian was a surprise. I'm sure I'm not but he better pray I'm not after telling me he didnt want to hear about my morning sickness.
I finished 2 more books but until diaryland stops being jank and not posting my images I will have to wait to review them. Its always me isnt it. Liz's diary is all fixed but is Look for reviews later but I'm reading the Death's Acre right now and itd freaking awesome!! I love it. Go read it. I'm off to the shower and then maybe the store. We'll see what happens.

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