the burning means its working

2005-03-31 / 10:15 a.m.


Working out really sucks the next day. It makes my legs sore, that or it was the dancing like a fool with Andrew. I forgot how fun drunk Andrew can be. I knew it would be "spendiferous" when I get to his apartment and he says I've only had two shots, but they were big shots and proceeds to have a few more all in quick succession. Oh and apparently Steven's store didnt open till after 11 yeserday and the person who found it was Becky since she was visiting stores because the regional manager was in town Andrew was laughing and laughing about that because they dont get along. It all stems back from the north hills mall and me and my friends talking about how Andrew was a much better manager and telling steve his way of doing things was wrong. In my defense they were. Oh well at least Andrew gots lots of amusement last night.
I walked 2 miles on the school track which is set up with hills and things. I was mocked for it by Brian who apparently did not think my walking was a great accomplishment but I havent worked out in over a year and I finished the walk in a good time (it was very brisk) and at least I did something. I cant start out running a marathon. I hope to go again either tonight or tomorrow. I also want to play a little WoW tonight. I miss hanging out with Brian. I wish i were moving now, so we didnt just have to hang out online. Alas I am poor and if anyone would like to contribute to my moving fund it would be greatly appreciated. that or just pay a bill.

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