short and me!

2005-04-02 / 7:20 a.m.


Yawn...I just got up from an 11 hour sleep. It was glorious in oh so many ways. I feel so much better and not near as cranky as I did. I did miss talking to Bri and doing my photo project but sometimes sleep just wins by default. I was trying to stay awake long enough to talk to him, but I guess I didnt since I woke up to a missed call and hair that is literally standing straight up in the back. You can usually judge how well you slept by how bad your hair looks the next morning and if this is any indication I slept like a baby.
I'm supposed to go out with some friends this afternoon to the Deep Ellum art Festival. I still might but I'd really rather come home and clean for a bit then play WoW with Brian, but I keep telling myself that I have to make the most of my time since it wont be long before I'm gone. 4 months people...its unbelievable. poor Bri doesnt know what hes getting into. A jobless, full of debt girl, who is going to have no friends and nothing to do. Hes a good guy.
Well I have more to write but I have to go get ready for stupid work on a nice saturday. Talk about unfair. Oh well. And btw Andrew Hobbs I think you broke my foot.

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