"oh what a beautiful morning.."

2005-04-03 / 10:58 a.m.


I really do think that the greatest movie genre is musicals; they just make you feel good. They are cheesy in that I wish life were really like that sort of way. Just imagine all your fights are fought though song, you cant stay mad at someone long while they are singing to you, its impossible your bound to smile. Liz and I watched Oklahoma and Jupiter's Darling last night which is an Ester Williams musical. Both are ridiculous, but they are oh so fun to watch. Theres nothing like us two giggling at 1:00 am singing about corn thats as high as an elephants eye....We were up so late, but it was well worth it.
Yesterday my mom came over and got my oil changed for me as a late Easter present. Once again my parents think they can buy their way out of a shitty stunt they pulled, but I'm poor and I needed an oil change so I took it. She also helped me sort out my massive pile of laundry and is bringing a table over today for the garage sale that is coming up. Yay. Maybe I'll get some more work done. I have a ton of stuff left to sort through out there but at least its a start. Hopefully she'll stick around and help. I need to play wow today with Brian but it probably wont be till later since I have actual work to do today. I was going to play last night but I got sucked into the musicals. I hope to find them on DVD today for cheap. It would be glorious.
Happy Sunday everyone and dont forget...its daylight savings time...Spring Forward!!

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