taco casa= fast food mexican perfection

2005-04-07 / 9:17 a.m.


Yeah I gots nothing today. I played WoW with Bri last night and I had lots of fun, and I had some of the best nachos in the world for dinner last night. I wish my fear of new things hadn't made me put off eating Taco Casa for so long, because they are great! The nachos had this cup of old timey carnival cheese that was full of lumps and everything! I know that sounds bad, but it was oh so good, just like the hot dogs or nachos from highschool football games, or possibly the carnival, oh and maybe the cheese from those guys who sell hot dogs and cokes outside of Home Depot during the summer. Good times, good memories, and good cheese. I also got their version of an enchirito, which is the best thing on the Taco Bell menu, but it is vastly superior at Taco Casa with its real cheese and black olives. Alas I was too full to eat it last night but its in the fridge for later. I need to get ready and go to the bank but I am sooo lazy, I just want to sit here till time for work. I just yelled at Bri for being too lazy to run his errands, but it is very important that he go to the store and get some food. If the only thing left in the house is the granola bars that I got while I was up there for breakfast and never ate, which he hates, he just wont eat. Sigh. Why cant boys take care of themselves?
Paula Deen is at NE mall today. Thats a really good food network chef in case you didnt know. I wish I could go, but I have to work, which wouldn't be such a big deal since Andrew works there but I cant afford the book so I guess i wont be gettting an autographed copy. I did have a weird dream that I made this huge dinner, and I made these orange ice cream things she made on her show for dessert. Maybe I need to make some. They looked really yummy.

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