Yankees rule Red Sox suck!!

2005-04-09 / 7:43 a.m.


I had a good night last night, dinner at Friday's and a movie. Ana G. and her boyfriend of forever broke up yesterday so Danielle and I went out with her to try to keep her busy. She got a ticket for a fake id, almost went to jail, and stupid ass jerkface boyfriend didnt even care, he was all its my birthday and I want to go in this club, so oh well. I couldnt imagine. She was so scared and he didnt even care. Bad enough he let her leave but his friends kept calling to check on her because they were more worried than he was. At least we had a good night and I didnt have to go to Ennis to the car races with Danielle to watch Steve. Not that I would have minded but Fever Pitch was definitely more fun. It was actually a really good movie. I had never heard of it and then when I heard about it I assumed it would be really dumb, since 1) I hate the Red Sox and 2) I'm actually not the biggest fan of romantic comedies. Well it turned out ot be by the guy who did High Fidelity, so maybe thats why its good, I dont know, all I know is I loved it. Jimmy Falllon's obsession with baseball reminds me of Bri and his WoW obsession. I hope it does well, everyone should go see it. Plus Jimmy is a cutie. :)
Mainstreet arts festival today. Dani B., Laura, Blake and I are going, if we dont die at work...its good place saturday. Yay!! If I had any sort of money I'd call in rather than face this.

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