the Weekend in Review

2005-04-11 / 7:33 a.m.


This weekend was pretty good. Work didnt suck too much on saturday and the art festival with Danielle was great. It was crowded but fun. Is it sad that we were so focused on the food that the art was secondary? There were some really neat pieces but everything was out of our price range even if we pooled our money and shared a painting. I did get talked to by 3 different strange men. Kinda creepy. I dont really like strangers and I dont know if that painting would look good in your laundry room sir; but first of I would spend that kind of money on a picture for my LAUNDRY ROOM, maybe the living room, maybe a bedroom, but not somewhere only you are going to see it, unless of course you host parties in your awesome laundry room. Group of guys wanting beer, I was drinking tea I have no idea how much beer costs, how much coupons cost, or where you can get said beer. Gosh, I guess I just look approachable.
Sunday I found out what an ass my dad really is, and I got a preview of a few weeks from now when i tell him about Brian. It will not be pretty. Lets just hope he lets me keep my car.
Speaking of Brian we got in a mild tiff this weekend over a movie best I can figure out. Sometimes he really gets me worried. I dont know if he really wants me to move up there, and that scares me. Sometimes I think he does and other times I wonder. We made up in game but still who knows. Its like he's scared or something and that makes him lash out. But thats ok because we spent 6 hours playing WoW. He probably played 10.
Tuesday is coming quick: thats right fols its BSB day. Me and Mick aat the Nokia center cheering our boys. Yeah baby!! I'm already wishing for canada part 2. To be young and crazy again.

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