"backstreets back ALRIGHT!!!"

2005-04-13 / 7:03 a.m.

Listening:: Backstreet---what else?
Playing:: WoW
Reading:: Life 101

Yesterday was probably the best day I've had in a very long time. It was BSB day and Michelle and I made the most of it. But first: the night before I had stayed up till 4 am playing WoW, not with Brian but on my other caharacter. I now know why people play these online games. It made me feel so awesome when a complete stranger from oregon told me that I was good at the game and then invited me to join his guild. We played together for hours, I didnt want to quit since he actually liked what I was doing. Its validation and ego pure and simple, I admit it. I feel pretty usless when I play with Brian and his friends, they all have more powerful caharacters then me, they know what they are doing, plus Bri has to be nice to me, it doesnt matter if I suck. Some stranger sure doesnt. So now I know I dont suck and it made me happy.
BSB day- Started out with the usual "gotta go get some lunch" at the Olive Garden. Michelle and I were both appropriately dressed in BSB t-shirts. Then it was on to the frozen custard stand where we ate GIANT custards (or tried to anyways) and randomly chose our seats each hoping to be closer. We went and say momma debbie and did girly things like curl our hair, (yes this is Michelle I'm talking about) and I just have to say my hair looked awesome and I could have been in a pantene commercial. She has to come over and curl my hair everyday. We got her changed and then it was back to my house for a little BSB interneting while I changed and put on makeup. We were going to watch a video or 2 but my stupid VCR wouldnt work so we watched Oprah instead and I have decided that I have to watch Super Nanny since she is some sort of demi-god to disobedient children. Then it was time to head to Grand Prarie, I DJ'ed the whole way, from our extensive BSB library.
The show was awesome. Literally there are no words. It was a low budget affair, no dancers, no pyrotechnics, no second stage, nothing but some microphones and a band and the boys. I still have no voice and I woke up several times during the night with my throat hurting I screamed that much. Now I remember where the lesbian jokes come from, perhaps its how me and michelle literally hold on to each other and jump at some of the antics on stage. Whatever, we just get excited. They wrote a song about Paris Hilton, they came into the audience, they did a heavy metal song (which Brian had no idea what to do during so he literally ran laps of the stage being a dork) and some old favorites like the hat dance.
I know some people make fun of me for my BSB obsession, but they are so fun. You can tell that they really are friends and when they are preforming its not scripted and they really are just up there having a blast. Going to one of their shows makes me happy and puts me in a good mood for weeks. It also is the best time I ever have with Mich anymore. We never talk and frankly I miss her. No matter what though we know we will always have the boys in common. We can spend days remincing on our many (mis)adventures on the trips we've taken, and yeah we went to see the Backstreet Boys, but i can garentee you there are lots of things we got to do and see on those trips that we would not have ever done otherwise. Plus I really like the music. I will admit that their early stuff is kinda cheesy, I like it but thats me. They didnt write it they were kids, and were controlled my that fat man who started them. From Millenium album on though is pure gold, they start writing some songs and really its just good. At least I think so. Anyway I heart the Backstreet Boys and Brian Littrell and Mich hearts Nick. Yay it was a fun trip down memory lane and its a damn shame I'm not driving to Atlanta tonight....

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