"You can fool anyone, but I got eyes to see, that your not for me, babe.."

2005-04-15 / 8:11 p.m.

Listening:: BSB-not for me

My mom is such a hypochondriac. I love her but anytime she gets sad or upset that means she is sick. She is upset with my not getting a divorce father, and all of a sudden she doesnt want to go to work, she might have strep. sigh.
I had a good lunch today. Me, Candace, Dani, Patti, and Theresa all went to El Chico for lunch. It took quite a bit of work to get our lunch breaks close enough to all be able to go and in the end after all the trading and planning (Candace you go late, Jenn you early) we just told Gylnn and he said have fun. So five people get stuffed into Theresa's car, and someone has to sit in the car seat. Hilarity ensues, with Patti going for it but she's rather tall, so Dani tried it on the way back. I wasnt about to. The food was decent and usually I dont like El Chico so that was a nice surprise. They have started putting out queso on the table like hot sauce apparently. I dont know if its just a lunch thing or what but they have excellent queso so I was happy. We even got birhtday cake at work. It's Todd's 25th and his cake had construction trucks on it. Todd likes cars...not construction work. This is why Jennifer V. should not be in charge of getting the cake. Plus she ordered it from Sam's and didnt have a Sam's card...The office manager had to go get it. Sigh.
Charlotte brought her grandchildren in today and they make me want to have babies. Well that or steal them since my luck mine would not be near as awesome. The oldest one just went right up to everyone, saying hi...shes about 4, but I guess she either couldnt say Zelda or didnt hear her name, so when Charlotte said this is Glynn's wife Zelda, she just said hi Gylnn's wife. She was precious. I got to hear all about her light up flip-flops.
I'm supposed to go to Tim's tonight, but I think I am skipping. I just woke up from a 3 hour nap and I'm looking pretty rough with the hair everywhere and all, so I think I'll just go tomorrow with him to the new movie. I'm sure he'll understand.
Hopefully I'm doing a whole big nothign this weekend. Lets cross our fingers!

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