If I had a penis there would be a master sword joke here

2005-04-17 / 8:11 a.m.


My parents may be nuts but I got new shoes. Hanging out with them is always interesting, sometimes nice, and usually headache inducing due to one or both. This time my mom was playing sane and normal parent and my dad was playing crazy ass. It was bound to happen. More drama over the grandparents, le sigh. I did ask my dad what threatening an ill 80 year old man would prove and at least he admitted nothing. Lets just hope he can cotrol his ginormous temper.
We drove to Burleson to go to Babe's, but it was too damn crowded so we ate at Outback which was fantastic. Plus we drove around Burleson and it is actually a cute little town. I've always liked small town atmospheres, weird I know, but everyone seems friendlier there and that is important to me. Being pleasant makes life just a little nicer. Afterwards we went to Kohl's and dad got me some of the cutests sandals and a pair of Zelda boxers. Hell yeah, I will be sleeping in style provided Brian doesnt steal them and taint them with his genatalia as he is threatening to do.
Brian started a character on the side I like on the server I like in WoW. I thought that was really sweet of him. Every now and then he does nice things. Oh and somethings up with Michelle... I got a cryptic text message last night while I was asleep and its family drama time. They make my family look normal. I hope everythings ok...

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