What does a Texas stop sign look like? A DQ sign!!!

2005-04-18 / 7:04 a.m.


I hate it when you have a stupid fight over something that doesnt even matter. I have this bad feeling that Bri is going to stay mad for a while, since WoW is so important to him, but for me its just a damn game, a fun one, but still a game.
I went to DQ country yesterday with Michelle. Mom stood me up as usual, but Michelle came over and we went shopping and made a blizzard run. Its funny, I forgot that the only thing at dairy queen that is edible is the ice cream. The chicken was not very good. But thats ok because later this week we are definitely making a dip cone run. Those were the days man, back when We lived in Haltom City and it had a dairy queen on every corner. Any coincidence that they closed and we moved? I think not. Its always nice t otalk to her because no matter what is going on her fanily is being worse. I wish she would just get away from those mooches.
My throat hurts this morning. I dont really konw why, but I woke up a couple of times coughing and wishing I could just pull my throat out. Oh well, still have to work though. This is going to be the last month that I can pay on my bills big time, I have to tell dad soon. Yipee Skippy.

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