WoW. Obsession or fun pasttime?

2005-04-19 / 9:06 a.m.


I hate how Brian never actually says anything about any disagreement we've had, he just acts like it never happened. Hes supposed to be moving servers in WoW and we had a fight about it, and yet yesterday he's on again, and wanting to be in my guild. Super confused. I'm glad he stayed but I wish he would say, I decided to play with you or I'm starting another character but will still play this one, not just hi wanna go quest. Boys are so hard to comprehend. At least I like the damn game. And maybe just maybe I am taking it a bit too far, I have notes on things I need to go do. Yep I am making world of warcraft notes, someone please shoot me and put me out of my obvious misery. I needed to write down the directions to my pendant, and I made a note of the quests I didnt pick up in Auberdine. Oh God....I am turning into a total creepy ass geek. Shit, I have to go get my nails done today and buy a tank top from the gap so I can reclaim my title of normal with geek tendencies.
My moms PT Cruiser deal fell through and I for one am glad, she doesnt need to be driving anything that looks that much like a midget hearse, its especially creepy since she herself is so short. I'm sure she'll get another one, but I'm holding out hope for a nice normal Honda. Ok on to the shower and to the phone to bitch out stupid ass southwetern bell for the 3rd time. For the last time I am not paying for their screw up people, I did not call 50 different small towns in Texas that no one has ever heard of. Dumb bastards.

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