WoW is so much better than real life

2005-04-20 / 7:26 a.m.


I love early morning phone calls, they make me feel special. The only thing bteter is mail. Bri called this morning so I could send him some gold in game. He was all nice and it was good getting to talk to him early and start my day off all happy. Its nice to have someone who knows you're a geek and stayed up to ungodly hours playing a video game love you anyway.
I think I am going through ridiculously early menopause. Can you do that at 23? I am having hot flashes and insomnia like no other. Its very annoying and is starting to interfer with my life. I should not be so hot I'm nauseous with the air on in the house. I would think its because I put on weight, but with the little amonut of food I've been injesting due to lack of funds I've actually lost like a pound or 2. And its not like I put on 100 pounds, we're talking maybe 3. Menapause it is then.
Last night House was good. Love that show, but CSI was a rerun and it didnt have near enough Chris Meloni. Ok director/writer having him in the scene at the begining for 2 minutes does not take advantage of his beauty or the fact that he is a main character. I like Ice-T and all but damn, Mr. Meloni has fans too you know.
Ok well its off to work since Bri wouldnt pay me to sit at home and play Wow...I see how it is. :)

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