sometimes life gets to ya

2005-04-21 / 11:22 a.m.


Stress sucks. I'm broken out like a 16 year old highschool hormonal geek. My grandparents are getting a divorce. Supposedly. Thanks dad, you've managed to ruin another relationship besides your own. I'm worried about my grandpa, since hes not blood related I dont know what will happen to him. Hes sick and needs to be in some sort of assisted living or nursing home care. Sigh, I love my family.
I really need to get Zelda's paw fixed...its getting worse. I wish I could somehow magically afford it though. Its hard worrying about money this much. I am trying to get out of debt and then this happens. Its not going to be cheap and she needs to be de-clawed, and its a mess. I know that money doesnt make you happy but I would give anything for enough just for a fresh start. I swear I am still paying off debts from 2000. I know that Bri understands that when I come up there I will be poor and debt riddled but still I feel absolutely awful about it. I would give anything if I were debt free when I move up there. Its not going to happen and everytime I think about how little I'm gonna have paid off, I feel like one big pile of crap. I dont want to be a burden, and it feels like thats what I'm gonna be. Le sigh. Maybe the extra 4 hours I will get on my check starting in May will help. Probably not but one can hope.
At least dad has my car paid up till December, so when he gets mad and gives me the payment book I wont actually have to pay yet. At least I hope he gives me the payment book and not comes and gets the car.
Ok well its off to the bank so I can pay more bills....yay the neverending cycle.

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