spin monkey, spin!!

2005-04-24 / 8:45 a.m.


I have the worlds ugliest shoes for the wedding. Yay and they get to be dyed too. Let me just tell you that shopping for shoes is a painful experience if you dont get to pick them out. Oh well its done they will be in by may and it will all be over with. I have to go get invitations to make for Jen's bridal shower, oh yay. Here's hoping Elizabeth remembered the stuff from her parents.
Dillards has some adorable dresses right now. Its just a shame they are all over 150 dollars. I mean really who pays that for a kneee length dress? Not me. Or Danielle. We did try them on though, like we were kids or something. It was so fun. The fifties poof dress is back in style and its fun to spin around in those.
I need to get up and get to work. I have shit to do today, and is anyone taking bets that my mother doesnt show up? I am. So much for pretty red hair...

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