"Hurricane a comin' secure the riggin'!"

2005-04-26 / 9:04 a.m.


I think I'm getting sick. My head has been hurting for days now and yesterday I came home and passed out for a few hours only to get up for about 4 and then go straight back to sleep. There were storms around yesterday. I hate storms. I mean we're talking shake with fear at loud thunder and tornado looking skies. I was stuck at work wishing I had my blanket, my cat and Brian, even though Brian would have just laughed at me. My mom calls to tell me the toranado sirens are going off in arlington and I was counting down the minutes to get out of there. I made it and then it got all sunny as soon as we got off work, so it was time for ice cream. Dani B, Candace and her son Donavan and I went to the marble slab. It was fun. Little D is so cute. Apparently my cats are very good colors for cats. Danielle is going out of town to Arkansas this weekend on vacation with steve. I'm sure they'll have a blast its very pretty up there, and more importantly its nice to get away and go somewhere different. Unfortunately now I dont have anyone to go to Tims shower with. Danielle is always my work date. If there is soemthing work related Steve doesnt usually want to go and neither of us want to go by ourselves, so instant work date. Yeah we are nerds.
Brian attempted to make tacos for dinner last night, I hope they turned out ok. I was going to call him when I got home from getting ice cream but my head hurt so I figured I'd call him later. Welll he didnt answer and he wasnt on WoW so he probably was asleep; that or the tacos killed him. I hope not, because who am I going to live with then? Its funny that he got used to real food while I was up there and now he wants to make it. Maybe it will make him appreciate me a little since he seems to have a difficult time with it. See I am useful and cooking is not all that easy, it takes time and some skill. Oh well he only has to survive 3 more months Im sure he can make it. I hope he will come down for my birthday maybe...that way I can load his car up with stuff for him to take back. My comics will fit in his trunk. :)

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