kitties are such fun

2005-04-28 / 8:34 a.m.


Well the fiasco that is taking my cat to the vet is over with. She actually behaved very well, much better than my mother, who just made mw want to scream. She was a complete bitch because it took a little bit to get in, and then she was freaking out because she might get a piece of cat hair in her car, or there might be pee on the bottom of her shoe from the vets office. Its a fucking car mom, it vaccuums out and you dont use the gas pedal with your hands. Anyway Zelda is all updated on her shots, and the vet said that when I get her declawed they would remove the freak claws for free. Brian was right, they could trim them but they would come right back. Now all I need is 400 dollars, thats 200 for each cat and then they can be declawed. I would do them one at a time, but seeing how mean Aussie was when I brought Zelda back I dont think thats wise. She couldnt defend herself from the giant beast he has become. Sigh. Anyone want to sponsor a cat? I'll let you come by and play with them if you help pay for the surgery. :) The shots made the kitty sick and this morning she threw up on the bed and now she wont come out of the mattress. I cant wait for the post surgery...
In geek news, I totally have a lvl 25 druid. I know I know, be quiet. but it is really a fun game. Brian very kindly got me some gear, and someone gave me one gold...I know he told them to but I cant figure out how he knew them and he wont tell me. I dont know why but for some reason I miss him more than normal lately, I wish I could see him, but its only 3 months right? I can make it.

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