The kitty saga continues...

2005-04-29 / 7:31 a.m.


So kitty had to be rushed back to the vet with an allergic reaction to her shots. Poor little thing wouldnt stop vomiting and she was burning up with fever. Man she sure can aim to: first my bed then my pants. Oh well, she didnt mean to. At least the vet was awesome and gave me all her meds for free. Rock on awesome vet, rock on.
I have to work inventory Saturday after work. Each inventory tech has to partner up with a pharmacist and tally CIII-CV drug totals. I drew Vicki. After everyone quit laughing I got major sympathy for that even from another pharmacist. I like Vicki its just that, I dont know shes a bit much and a little too high strung to be worrying about her control count. I will be there all night. and after that its to Mi Pueblo my favorite mexican restaurant for Tim's groom shower. Stupid idea, good excuse for margarirta's and delicious queso. I cant wait.
Brian told his parents that I was moving yesterday. I dont think it went well. He wouldnt tell me what was said, only that it didnt really matter. Sigh. I feel bad for him, I konw its not easy. I dread telling my dad. At least my mom was half way sane about it...ok maybe a quarter sane. Hopefully they will get over it, and if not oh well. I'm through explaining myself to people. Either except that Brian and I actually might love each other or dont, but dont bitch about it. That goes for my family and friends too. Anyway, Bri was really brave telling them and I hope hes ok with it, because thats all that matters.

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